Axisvation Technologies

Information Security & Advisory Services

Our specialized and skilled team of security professionals including domain SMEs (subject matter experts), researchers and thought leaders - all dedicated to one thing — providing clients with the best cyber security program possible thru Information Security & Advisory services.
Each of our information security consulting specialists is committed to performing in-depth research, developing customized solutions, working with clients to solve specific security issues and pioneering new approaches to cyber security.

ISO / PCI Certification Advisory Services

Achieve a competitive advantage by aligning with the industry standard for information security management, be it ISO OR PCI.

Virtual CISO / CIO Assistance

We provide our customers virtual CISO / CIO that serves as a CIO OR CISO and IT advisor to your business. Personnel will possess a technical background and be familiar with a broad range of IT platforms and technologies but will be looking to apply technology solutions enabling you to reach your business objectives.

Education and Awareness Trainings

We provide Education and Awareness services in cyber security that address the technical and human elements of your organization to help ensure you are operating in a secure environment. It will train your organization in behavior that can improve security and reduce risk.